Gopher Gala in Philly

Jan 19 2015

This weekend is the first ever Gopher Gala, a distributed, global hackathon in the vein of Node.js Knockout, Django Dash and Rails Rumble. While coders can participate from anywhere, some cities are holding events to get people to work on new Go-centric projects for the weekend. We love Go where I curently work so it made sense that we would organize a weekend in Philly at the awesome Indy Hall.

I'm certainly still a newbie when it comes to Go. At GRT I've shipped a few features in our existing backend codebase but I haven't started a project from scratch yet. Regardless, I found it easy to quickly get up to speed on the language and become productive. The spec of the language is small, so it doesn't take long to get going. And the supported tooling out of the box is excellent. The language just feels like it was designed to get stuff done with easy concurrency (goroutines) and static typing without the overhead of other languages like Java.

I'm looking forward to starting my new project in Go and you can join us by RSVPing. Perhaps this is a good excuse for you to give Go a shot. Hope to see you there!

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Dave Walk is a software developer, basketball nerd and wannabe runner living in Philadelphia. He enjoys constantly learning and creating solutions with Go, JavaScript and Python. This is his website.