Updated December 20th, 2015

I'm currently in South Philadelphia:

  • working full-time for Grand Round Table building clinical decision support software for doctors.
  • building v2 of PHL Crime Mapper. Follow along on GitHub.
  • watching as many NBA games as I can (especially the Cavs).
  • weightlifting, running and other miscellaneous exercises.
  • listening to a bunch of podcasts including Serial, The Starters, Dunc'd On Podcast, The Weeds, Software Engineering Daily, Never Not Funny, Doug Loves Movies and many more.
  • devoting myself to eating well.
  • committing myself to One A Week exercises.
  • reading less "content" and more books. Currently David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest
  • watching a TV show every once in a while. Currently: the Mr. Show reunion "w/ Bob and David" and "The Main in the High Castle".
  • thinking about mentorship on both sides: looking for ways that I can mentor and mentors to help me grow.
  • brainstorming new projects, products and experiments around health and wellness, open data and more.
  • starting a new, weird experiment called Philly Weather Reviews
  • working towards writing articles for Philly Goat
  • playing NBA2K16 for Xbox One. We (my player Warrick Davis and the rest of the Milwaukee Bucks) are in the second round of the Eastern conference playoffs, down 3-2 against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If any of these interest you, please get in touch below!

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